ePlasty: Vol. 19
Kickstand External Fixator for Immobilization Following Free Flap Plantar Calcaneal Reconstruction
Swapnil D. Kachare, MD,a Bradley J. Vivace, BS,b Joshua T. Henderson, MD,a Milind Kachare, MD,c Christina Kapsalis, BS,b Jamie L. Fulfer, MD,d Joshua Choo, MD,a and Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD, FACSa

aDivision of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery; bSchool of Medicine, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; cDepartment of Surgery, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ; and dSouthern Illinois University School of Medicine, Carbondale, IL

Correspondence: bjwilh01@exchange.louisville.edu; Helen.anderkin@louisville.edu
Keywords: immobilization, external fixator, free flap, kickstand, heel reconstruction

Objective: Management of calcaneal wounds is challenging due to a paucity of tissue, complex local anatomy, and limited vascularity. These wounds are commonly associated with lower extremity fractures, which are often treated with external fixation. Free tissue transfers are frequently employed as a means for closure of plantar heel wounds; however, postoperative management can be challeng .......