ePlasty: Vol. 19
The Safe Gluteoplasty: Anatomic Landmarks to Predict the Superior and Inferior Gluteal Veins
Claude Muresan, MD,a Jared M. Davis, MD,a Andrea R. Hiller, MD,a Brittany E. Patterson, BS,b Christina N. Kapsalis, BS,b Meghan F. Ford, MD,a Eric W. Anderson, MD,a Swapnil D. Kachare, MD, MBA,a Ron Hazani, MD,a and Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD, FACSa

aDivision of Plastic Surgery, General Surgery Department, University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky; and bUniversity of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Ky. Dr Hazani is in private practice, Beverly Hills, Calif

Correspondence: bjwilh01@exchange.louisville.edu; Helen.anderkin@louisville.edu
Presented at American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting; Orlando, Fla, October 2017 (oral presentation).
Keywords: gluteoplasty, lipoinjection, gluteal veins, pulmonary fat embolism, anatomic landmarks

Objective: The increase in demand for gluteal fat grafting seen in recent years in the United States has not been met with an equal gain in knowledge of the perils of this anatomic territory. The purpose .......