ePlasty: Vol. 19
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders Among Elective Plastic Surgery Patients
Benjamin Jang, MD,a,b and Dhaval R. Bhavsar, MDa

aUniversity of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS; and bMacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, IL

Correspondence: benhyojang@gmail.com
Presented abstract at: Plastic Surgery the Meeting 2017 (American Society of Plastic Surgery) in Orlando, Fla.
Keywords: psychiatric, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, anxiety, depression

Purpose: Psychiatric disorder is one of the predictors of poor outcome in cosmetic plastic surgery patients. A US study in 1960 showed that 72.4% of 98 cosmetic plastic surgery patients had a psychiatric disorder. In our study, we predict that the prevalence of psychiatric disorders will be statistically significant among patients seeking elective plastic surgery in comparison with the general US population. Methods: We conducted a retrospective review study of 1000 adult patients seeking elective plastic surgery at The University of Kansas Medical Center Plastic Surgery Department from 2011 to 2016. Results: From 1000 patients seeking elective plastic surgery procedure, 441 (44.1%) patients have or had a history of psychiatric disorder. Most common psychiatric disorders were major depressive disorder (n = 223; 50.6%) and generalized anxiety disorder (n = 145; 32.9%). < .......