ePlasty, A New Jersey Non Profit Corporation

In 2007, The Open Science Company launched a scientific and medical publishing venture, ePlasty, The Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery, www.eplasty.com, which provides scientists and physicians with a high-quality journal in which to publish their work. Under the Open Access model, ePlasty is available online, with no charges for access and no restrictions on subsequent redistribution or use, as long as the author(s) and source are cited, as specified by the Creative Commons Attribution License.

In February, 2010, ePlasty transitioned into a tax-exempt, 501(c)3, nonprofit corporation, headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey. The online serial journal ePlasty, www.eplasty.com, is published by the Open Science Company, LLC by way of a licensing agreement with the ePlasty not-for-profit entity.

ePlasty is a New Jersey NonProfit corporation, supported by grants, gifts and donations, committed to making the medical literature on Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wounds and related topics a freely available public resource. All our activities are guided by our founding principles.

ePlasty Founding Principles

1. Open Access. All material published by ePlasty, whether submitted to or created by ePlasty or the Open Science Company, is published under an Open Access license that allows unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Authors retain copyrights to their own work. ePlasty is provided free-of-charge to readers.

2. Excellence. ePlasty continually strives to attain the highest standards for excellence in content, presentation, editorial performance, rapidity of publication, accessibility to a global audience and educational value.

3. Scientific Integrity and Inclusion. ePlasty is committed to a fair and rigorous peer-reviewed editorial process. Scientific quality, relevance and importance are essential components of this process. ePlasty is dedicated to serving as a vehicle for the delivery and free exchange of the most current knowledge across a broad range of disciplines thus making scientific information available worldwide to anyone with Internet access.

4. Rapid Peer Review and Publication. ePlasty believes that scientific information should be shared as quickly as possible. Thus prompt peer review of submitted work and rapid publication of accepted articles in the fairest, most economical and expeditious manner possible are fundamental elements of this commitment.

5. Financial Fairness. As a nonprofit organization, ePlasty charges authors a fair price for article preparation that represents the actual cost of publication. However, the ability of authors to pay publication charges will never be a consideration in the decision whether or not to publish. Your review and publication fees are used to pay for the following costs: , peer reviews, copying/editing, corrections, video file preparation, web site maintenance, Pub Med and PubMed Central Indexing and general administration.

6. Internationalism. Science and knowledge are international. ePlasty, www.eplasty.com, has shown itself to be a truly international journal, providing access to the medical/scientific literature to anyone, anywhere by publishing works from countries around the world and by engaging a diverse group of scientists/physicians, i.e. Editorial Board, in the editorial process.

7. Science as a Public Resource. Our mission in building a public resource of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wounds and associated specialties is aimed not only at providing unrestricted access to scientific research ideas and discoveries, but developing tools and materials to engage the interest and imagination of the associated disciplines, as well as the public, thereby making the contents of ePlasty a public resource. Innovative ideas and contributions utilizing the broad multimedia capabilities of ePlasty are welcomed.

8. Unimpeded Access. We strive to provide unimpeded access to information and knowledge by giving every scientist, physician, patient, or student - anywhere in the world - unlimited access to the latest surgical and scientific research and practice enhancements and to facilitate research, informed medical practice, and education by making it possible to freely search the full text of every published article.

9. Environmental Awareness. Our commitment to a completely paperless electronic system minimizes the consumption of resources and employs the most efficient and environmentally sound mechanisms for communication, production and distribution of ePlasty.