ePlasty: Vol. 21
Orbital and Midface Reconstruction in a Case of Fibrous Dysplasia
Megan L. Dietze-Fiedler, MD,a,b Katie Copeland, BS,a Matthew P. Fahrenkopf, MD,a,b Joshua P. Kelley, MD,a,b and John J. Iacobucci, MDa,b,c

aMichigan State University College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids; bSpectrum Health/Michigan State University Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids; and cAesthetic Plastic Surgery of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Mich

Keywords: fibrous dysplasia, midface, orbital, craniofacial, rib graft


The patient was a 33-year-old man with a medical history significant for autism and congenital agenesis of bilateral optic nerves who presented with progressive enlargement of the right malar region. Maxillofacial computed tomographic scan revealed bony hypertrophy involving the right inferolateral orbit, lateral maxilla, and zygoma consistent with fibrous dysplasia.


1. What is the etiology of fibrous dysplasia?

2. What are the associated signs and symptoms of fibrous dysplasia?

3. What are the goals and methods for treating craniofacial fibrous dysplasia?

4. What methods were used in this case and what were the outcomes?


Fibrous dysplasia is a relatively uncommon, benign conditio .......