ePlasty: Vol. 19
Parascapular Free Flap for Burnt Hand
Joseph S. Weisberger, MS, and Ramazi O. Datiashvili, MD, PhD

Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, Newark

Correspondence: datiasro@njms.rutgers.edu
Keywords: hand, burn care, fascial flaps, free flaps, parascapular flap


A 40-year-old right-hand-dominant man presented with a third-degree burn to the dorsum of right hand, with exposed tendons, and second-degree burns to his right middle, ring, and small fingers (Fig 1). The patient underwent tangential excision and reconstruction with a parascapular fascial free flap (Fig 2) and split-thickness skin graft.

Figure 1. Right hand wound after debridement of necrotic tissue.
Figure 2. Free parascapular facial flap inset into the wound before skin grafting.


1. What are the major complications of thermal injury of the hand?

2. What are the reconstructive goals of thermal wound reconstruction of the hand?

3. What are potential op .......