ePlasty: Vol. 18
Reconstruction of Simple Incomplete Syndactyly of the Foot
Anthony M. Kordahi, BA, Laurel S. Karian, MD, Paul J. Theratil, MD, and Mark S. Granick, MD

Rutgers–New Jersey Medical School, Newark

Correspondence: kordahi.amk@gmail.com
Keywords: syndactyly, foot, Z-plasty, congenital, web space


A 10-month-old male child presented to the plastic surgery service for simple incomplete syndactyly repair of the second and third toes on his right foot.


1. What is the epidemiology associated with syndactyly?

2. Is syndactyly associated with any congenital syndromes?

3. What are the treatment options available for syndactyly and some common complications?

4. How does the treatment of syndactyly of the foot differ from that of the hand .......