ePlasty: Vol. 18
Extensor Tendon Transfers for Radial Nerve Palsy Secondary to Humeral Shaft Fracture
Elizabeth A. Lucich, MD,a Matthew P. Fahrenkopf, MD,a John P. Kelpin, MD,a Teresa C. Hall, DO,b and Viet H. Do, MDc

aSpectrum Health/Michigan State University Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids; bMetro Health/University of Michigan Health Orthopaedic Residency, Wyoming; and cOrthopaedic Associates of Michigan, Grand Rapids

Correspondence: elizabethlucich@gmail.com
Keywords: extensor tendon transfer, radial nerve palsy, radial nerve laceration, humeral shaft fracture, rehabilitation following tendon transfer


A 62-year-old woman suffered a mid-humeral shaft fracture after a motor vehicle collision. She had a prolonged course in the intensive care unit, delaying the diagnosis of radial nerve palsy. Conservative management failed to demonstrate any regeneration of the nerve. Tendon transfers were planned and performed to restore thumb, wrist, and finger extension.


1. How common is a radial nerve palsy following humeral shaft fracture?

2. What is the optimal timing for radial nerve repair following humeral shaft fracture?

3. What are the most common tendon transfers for radial nerve palsy&# .......