ePlasty: Vol. 16
A Case Report of an Invasive Infantile Fibrosarcoma of the Forearm
Amy C. Kite, MD, Lora M. Rotstein, and Jennifer L. Rhodes, MD

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond

Correspondence: amykite711@gmail.com
Keywords: infantile fibrosarcoma, forearm tumors, World Pediatric Project, hemangioma, molecular translocation t(12;15)


A 6-month-old female infant from St Vincent presented with a soft-tissue mass encompassing the left forearm (Figs 14). This was initially misdiagnosed as a hemangioma. Biopsy showed infantile fibrosarcoma, and the patient required a left transhumeral amputation due to the extensive involvement of the forearm.

Figure 1. Dorsal view of left forearm infantile fibrosarcoma.
Figure 2. Radial view of tumor.
Figure 3. Ulceration present on volar left forearm infantile fibrosarcoma.

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