ePlasty: Vol. 16
Management of Severe Burn Microstomia
Megan Zak, BSa, Olivia Means, BSa, Benton Cason, MD,a and Ron Brooks, MDb

aUniversity of South Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile; and bDepartment of Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Universtiy of South Alabama Medical Center, Mobile

Correspondence: brooksy1278@gmail.com
Keywords: microstomia, burn, commissuroplasty, contracture, reconstruction
Figure 1. Bilateral oral commissure contractures and resulting microstomia 7 months postburn. Interlabial distance 5 mm.
Figure 2. Y-V mucosal advancement flaps originally described by Dieffenbach, with later modifications by Converse.
Figure 3. Preoperative markings. Mid-pupillary axis used to determine new lateral oral commissure location.
Figure 4. Intraoperative view of buccal mucosa flaps. Bila .......