ePlasty: Vol. 16
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Jake Laun, MDa, Katie Laun, DOb, Mayssan Muftah, BSa, Amanda Zimmerman, MDa, Joshua B. Elston, MDa, and David J. Smith, Jr, MDa

aDivision of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa

bDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Florida Hospital, Orlando

Correspondence: jelston1@health.usf.edu
Keywords: Stevens-Johnson syndrome, SJS, toxic epidermal necroysis, TEN, rash
Figure 1. Anteroposterior view of the trunk with coalescing vesicobullous lesions
Figure 2. Closer view of the trunk, as shown in Figure 1, highlighting the confluent nature of the left chest lesions. These lesions demonstrated a positive Nikolsky sign, indicating a plane created via shearing force displacing the epidermis.
Figure 3. Lesions beginning to form on the left upper extremity have yet to become .......