To increase the value of a published study to a larger readership, we contend that ejournals be written to take advantage of a 3-dimensional format of delivery. The top tier of information represents an abridged version of the article and is limited to 1000 words. More detailed content is accessed through hyperlinks to a second tier of information. The second tier of information has a varied structure that is dependent on the construct of the article. This tier should not be viewed as distinct silos of information but as an overlapping repository of content. The third dimension of each article represents facets of the article that are related to "social media". Here, correspondences with other research scientists is encouraged and considered an important part of the publication.

Individuals wishing to contribute Plastibytes are required to submit their manuscript according to the ePlasty template [Click here to download Template].

The First Tier should include Background, Methodology, and Results Summary with a central image(s) that capture the essence of the article. The image can photographs, video, graphs, tabular content or, image displaying a design or content.

The Second Tier can have varied structure and should contain more detailed Results and Discussion. The Second Tier may include graphs, tables and /or figures.

The Third Tier should provide a conclusion statement as it relates to how the information provided can affect patients, the discipline or society and may be shared with Social Media for more efficient and modern dissemination of the information shared.

References are limited to 10 and should be selected carefully to provide precise supporting information.

The Manuscript must be clearly identified as a Plastibyte. Authors should save the final template as a PDF and upload directly to the address below

All manuscripts must include 3-5 Keywords as part of the manuscript submission and these should be clearly highlighted immediately below the title of the manuscript.

All manuscripts must have at least 2 images. You may also submit up to 2 videos

Completed templates should be submitted directly to Editorial Manager using the following link:
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All Plastibyte submissions require payment of a non-refundable $350 Review Fee. This fee must be paid prior to Manuscript Review.

If the Plastibyte submission is accepted for publication, a separate $650 Publication Fee will be required prior to publication of the manuscript.

This fee covers the costs associated with copyediting, corrections, and electronic file preparation for publication in ePlasty and PUBMED indexing.

Manuscripts that are published in ePlasty will be indexed in PUBMED/NLM, usually within 7-10 business days.

The Review and Publication Fees should be paid by clicking on the following link: