ePlasty: Vol. 14
Efficacy and Feasibility of the Submuscular Implantation Technique for an Implantable Cardiac Electrical Device
Shinichi Asamura, MD, PhD,a Takashi Kurita, MD, PhD,b Koichiro Motoki, MD, PhD,b Ryobun Yasuoka, MD, PhD,b Takahiro Hashimoto, MD,a and Noritaka Isogai, MD, PhDa

Departments of aPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery and bCardiology, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine. Osaka-Sayama, Osaka, Japan.

Correspondence: asamura@med.kindai.ac.jp
Keywords: implantable cardiac electrical devices, pectoralis major muscle, skin-related complications, cardiologist, Asians

Background: A common complication associated with implantable cardiac electrical device implantation compromises skin lesions caused by overstretching just above a buried device that is relatively large in size. Apart from affecting the cosmetic appearance in some patients, a compromised blood supply to the skin may also lead to ischemic necrosis, which is an important complication. We describe a novel procedure for the implantation of implantable cardiac electrical devices generators under the pectoralis major muscle to avoid such skin-related complications. Methods: Twenty-one patients were referred to plastic surgeon for surgical support for the secondary replacement o .......