ePlasty: Vol. 18
The Gallipot Method—A Point of Technique for Safe and Easy Staple Removal From Split-Thickness Skin Grafts
Stephen R. Ali, MMedSc(Hons), PGCME, MRCS(Eng),a and Jonathon Pleat, DPhil, MA, FRCS(Plast)b

aDepartment of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich, United Kingdom; and bDepartment of Plastic, Reconstructive and Burns Surgery, North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Southmead Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Correspondence: Stephen.Ali@nnuh.nhs.uk
Keywords: Split-thickness skin graft, staples, removal
Ethical approval: The study was performed in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.
Consent: The patient provided written informed consent for the publication and the use of their images.

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Split-thickness skin grafts are commonly used to resurface wounds in plastic surgery. Surgical staples are a quick way to secure the graft to the wound bed and facilitate take. Despite these advantages, the process of removing staples can cause inadvertent trauma to the newly inset, fragile graft. We describe a novel method where a 4-mm biopsy punch is used to cut 3 holes in series at the bottom of a polypropylene g .......