Post your Poster submissions will be by invitation only. Our Editorial Staff will provide the author of a selected poster with an invitation to Post your Poster on ePlasty. The invitation will be thumb tacked to the poster and communicated to the author by email. The posters will be selected by the ePlasty Editorial Board reviewing Abstract Submissions to a Scientific Conference that features: Wound Healing, Surgical Wound Healing, Regenerative Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Burns, Translational Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery and Innovative Technology. Once posted, the invited Posters will go live on the ePlasty website.

ePlasty does not require copyright ownership, so poster authors are free to publish their work on ePlasty or with any other Open Access or traditional Journal.

Posters should be in PDF Format. All Posters should be submitted directly to Editorial Manager using the following link:

There will be a $100.00 fee to publish and index your poster.

This fee covers the costs associated with copyediting, corrections, and electronic file preparation for publication in ePlasty and PUBMED indexing.

Posters published in ePlasty will be indexed in PUBMED/NLM, usually within 7-14 business days.

Publication Fees should be paid by clicking on the following link:


ePlasty Payment Site (temporarily out of service)

To all authors:

Our URL to payment of review and publication fees is temporarily out of service. If you are submitting a manuscript and wish to pay the Review Fee or, have been informed that your manuscript has been accepted for publication and need to pay the Publication Fee, Please inform our Editorial Manager, Dr. Alvarez,  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will record your information and proceed with the review or publication process and you will be able to pay when the payment connection has been repaired.  Thank you for your patience