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Open Science Co. LLC
Springfield, Illinois

Liver Disease in Burn Injury Evidence From a National Sample of 31,338 Adult Patients

(138 KB) Published June 12, 2007
Leigh Ann Price, Brett Thombs, Catherine L. Chen, and Stephen M. Milner.

Nuclear Localization of HBD-1 in Human Keratinocytes

(2.9 MB) Published August 24, 2007
Roger J. Bick, Brian J. Poindexter, L. Maximilian Buja, Carl H. Lawyer, Stephen M. Milner, and Satyanarayan Bhat.

Cement Burns The Dublin National Burns Unit Experience

(446 KB) Published October 05, 2007
Munir Alam, M. Moynagh, D. S. Orr, and C. Lawlor

Amnion-Derived Multipotent Progenitor Cells Increase Gain of Incisional Breaking Strength and Decrease Incidence and Severity of Acute Wound Failure

(5.76 MB) Published October 05, 2007
Liyu Xing, Michael G. Franz, Cynthia L. Marcelo, Charlotte A. Smith, Vivienne S. Marshall, and Martin C. Robson

Human Keratinocytes Cultured on Collagen Matrix Used as an Experimental Burn Model

(2.53 MB) Published October 30, 2007
Christiane S. Sobral, Alfredo Gragnani, Xudong Cao, Jeffrey R. Morgan, and Lydia Masako Ferreira

Sulfur Mustard Toxicity Following Dermal Exposure Role of Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidant Therapy

(810 KB) Published October 30, 2007
Victor Paromov, Zacharias Suntres, Milton Smith, and William L. Stone