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Open Science Co. LLC
Springfield, Illinois

Modalities for the Assessment of Burn Wound Depth

(121 KB) Published February 15, 2006
Lara Devgan, Satyanarayan Bhat, S. Aylward, BA, and Robert J. Spence

Effect of a Simple Versus a Complex Matrix on the Polarity of Cardiomyocytes in Culture

(406 KB) Published March 30, 2006
Rachel A. Davis, W. Barry van Winkle, L. Maximilian Buja,
Brian J. Poindexter, Roger J. Bick

Comparative Evaluation of Transdermal Formulations of Norfloxacin with Silver Sulfadiazine Cream, USP, for Burn Wound Healing Property

(116 KB) Published June 7, 2006
Venkata Ramana Malipeddi, Kamal Dua, Udai Vir Singh Sara,
Himaja Malipeddi, and Abhinav Agrawal

Editorial Setting Science Free

(101 KB) Published October 13, 2006
Stephen M. Milner

Improved Wound Healing of Cutaneous Sulfur Mustard Injuries in a Weanling Pig Model

(5.7 MB) Published November 8, 2006
John S. Graham, Robert S. Stevenson, Larry W. Mitcheltree, Marcia Simon, Tracey A. Hamilton, Robin R. Deckert, and Robyn B. Le

Adalimumab Therapy for Recalcitrant Pyoderma Gangrenosum

(534 KB) Published November 20, 2006
Margaret A. Fonder, Deborah L. Cummins, Benjamin D. Ehst, Grant J. Anhalt, and Jon H. Meyerle

Modulation of the Complement System by Human -Defensin 2

(1.4 MB) Published January 10, 2007
Satyanarayan Bhat, Yau-Hau Song, Carl Lawyer, and Stephen M. Milner