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Open Science Co. LLC
Springfield, Illinois

Acute Deep Hand Burns Covered by a Pocket Flap-Graft

(1.5 MB) Published January 16, 2007
Jean-Philippe Pradier, Christophe Oberlin, and Eric Bey

Letters to the Editor Major Flame Burn Caused by Electric Fly-Swatter

(201 KB) Published February 5, 2007
P. Muangman, J. R. Scott, and K. Keorochana

The Effect of Oxandrolone Treatment on Human Osteoblastic Cells

(2 MB) Published March 7, 2007
Lian Xiang Bi, Kristine M. Wiren, Xiao-Wei Zhang, Gisele V. Oliveira, Gordon L. Klein, Elgene G. Mainous, and David N. Herndon

Hypochlorous Acid as a Potential Wound Care Agent Part I. Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid: A Component of the Inorganic Armamentarium of Innate Immunity

(286 KB) Published April 11, 2007
Wang L, Bassiri M, Najafi R, Najafi K, Yang J, Khosrovi B, Hwong W, Barati E, Belisle B, Celeri C, and Robson MC

Hypochlorous Acid as a Potential Wound Care Agent Part II. Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid: Its Role in Decreasing Tissue Bacterial Bioburden and Overcoming the Inhibition of Infection on Wound Healing

(5.72 MB) Published April 11, 2007
Martin C. Robson, Wyatt G. Payne, Francis Ko, Marni Mentis, Guillermo Donati, Susan M. Shafii, Susan Culverhouse, Lu Wang, Behzad Khosrovi, Ramin Najafi, Diane M. Cooper, and Mansour Bassiri t

Application of Vacuum-assisted Therapy in Postoperative Ascitic Fluid Leaks An Integral Part of Multimodality Wound Management in Cirrhotic Patients

(1.75 MB) Published April 16, 2007
S. Peter Stawicki,Naomi S. Schwarz, Sherwin P. Schrag, John J. Lukaszczyk, Mark E. Schadt, and Anthony Dippolito