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Open Science Co. LLC
Springfield, Illinois

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The Danger Zone in the Anterior Neck: Anatomical Landmarks to Avoid Injury to Anterior Jugular Vein During Face-Lift and Neck-Lift

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Andrew M. Swiergosz, J. Stephen Gunn, MD, Steven A. Schulz, MD, Joshua T. Henderson, Joshua H. Choo, MD, Arian Mowlavi, MD, and Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD

CASE REPORT Intracranial Migration of Hardware 16 Years Following Craniosynostosis Repair

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Haripriya S. Ayyala, MD, Ian C. Hoppe, MD, Allison M. Rathmann, DO, and Frank S. Ciminello, MD

Matrix Metalloproteinases Are Differentially Regulated and Responsive to Compression Therapy in a Red Duroc Model of Hypertrophic Scar

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Taryn E. Travis, MD, Pejhman Ghassemi, PhD, Nicholas J. Prindeze, BS, Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD, Bonnie C. Carney, BS,b Abdulnaser Alkhalil, PhD, Jessica C. Ramella-Roman, PhD, and Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD,
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