ePlasty: Vol. 8
Amnion-derived Cellular Cytokine SolutionA Physiological Combination of Cytokines for Wound Healing
David L. Steed, MD,a,b Cathy Trumpower, BS,b Danelle Duffy, MS,b Charlotte Smith, MS,b Vivienne Marshall, PhD,b Randall Rupp, PhD,b Martin Robson, MDb,d

aUniversity of Pittsburgh/UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA; bStemnion, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA; University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; and dInstitute for Tissue Regeneration, Repair, Rehabilitation, Bay Pines VA Medical Center, Bay Pines, FL

Correspondence: steeddl@upmc.edu

Objective: Wound repair is a complex integration of dynamic processes mediated by humeral messages controlling the levels of cytokines, growth factors, and matrix metalloproteinases in the wound space. Isolated growth factors and growth factor combinations have been used to accelerate wound healing with limited success. A cellular cytokine solution can be collected by harvesting the proteins released from amnion-derived multipotent progenitor cells. The purpose of this study was to compare levels of cytokines/growth factors in amnion-derived cellular cytokine solution with physiological levels reported in the medical literature. Methods: Amnion-derived multipotent progenitor cells were grown to confluency, and the proteins secreted w .......