ePlasty: Vol. 10
Four-Digit Replantation in a Mentally Retarded Person: A Case Report
N. Sinis, MD,a M. Boettcher, MD,b A. Kraus, MD,b F. Werdin, MD,b and H. E. Schaller, MDb

aDepartment for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Hand Surgery, Marthin-Luther Hospital, Berlin; and bDepartment for Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery With Burn Unit, University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany.

Correspondence: nektarios.sinis@gmail.com

This report describes a case where 4 digits were replanted in a mentally retarded patient with a history of smoking and the inability to follow postoperative arrangements.

With the advent of microsurgical techniques, digital and hand replantation has become a life-enhancing surgical procedure. Indications for replantation have evolved over the years and currently include hand amputation, thumb amputations, multiple digit amputations, and amputations in children.1 However, crush and avulsion injuries and amputations of a single digit proximal to the superficial tendon of the flexor digitorum muscle insertion remain controversial.2 Even though replantation surgery has now become a routine procedure, it remains a delicate and demanding surgery, requiring adequate training and expertise in microsurgical techniques .......