ePlasty: Vol. 13
Therapeutic Effects of Pregnancy on a Chronic Skin Ulcer
Luca Lancerotto, MD, Gianluigi Lago, MD, Elena Pescarini, MD, Franco Bassetto, MD, and Vincenzo Vindigni, MD, PhD

Clinic of Plastic Surgery, University of Padova, Padova, Italy

Correspondence: vincenzo.vindigni@unipd.it

Objectives: Sex hormones strongly influence skin physiology and evidences suggest wound healing as well. Estrogens establish a prohealing setting, and androgens play an antagonist role. Methods and Results: We present the case of a young woman in whom pregnancy with its associated hormonal shifts allowed the spontaneous healing of a chronic wound on the left leg with bone exposure, which had followed a car accident and had resisted medical and surgical treatments for 5 years. Discussion: Systemic or topical estrogens may offer alternative options in the therapy of chronic wounds, in particular in the elderly adults who have physiologically reduced estrogens levels.

Chronic skin ulcers are a major social burden in an increasingly elderly population, which hamper patients' life and represent high costs for health care systems. Incapacity to heal is determined by a multitude of local and systemic factors, such as peripheral arteriopathy, venous insufficiency, diabetes, nutritional deficits, and infection. Alone or, more often, in combination, these exa .......