ePlasty: Vol. 15
Review of Nipple Reconstruction Techniques and Introduction of V to Y Technique in a Bilateral Wise Pattern Mastectomy or Reduction Mammaplasty
Charles A. Riccio, BA, MS,a Matthew R. Zeiderman, BA,a Saeed Chowdhry, MD,b and Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MDb

aUniversity of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky; and bDivision of Plastic Surgery, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky

Correspondence: Bradon.wilhelmi@louisville.edu
Keywords: nipple reconstruction, nipple areola complex, postmastectomy, V-Y, mammaplasty

Introduction: Nipple-areola complex reconstruction (NAR) is the final procedure in breast reconstruction after the majority of mastectomies. Many methods of NAR have been described, each with inherent advantages and disadvantages depending on local healthy tissue availability, previous scarring and procedures, and the operative morbidity of the NAR technique. Nipple reconstructions may be complicated by scars or previous nipple reconstruction, making the procedure more challenging. We propose the use of the V-Y advancement flap as a new method that is suitable for both novice and experienced surgeons wishing to broaden their range of techniques for difficult nipple reconstructions. Methods: A traditional V-Y advancement flap is lifted at the site of the future nipple. Ma .......