ePlasty: Vol. 15
Pilomatrixoma Presenting as a Rapidly Expanding Mass of the Infant Nasion
Lauren C. Nigro, MD, Christine E. Fuller, MD, and Jennifer L. Rhodes, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University, West Hospital, Richmond, Virginia.

Correspondence: lauren.nigro@vcuhealth.org
Keywords: pilomatrixoma, hair diseases, skin neoplasms, infant, midline mass

Objective: Pilomatrixomas are benign neoplasms originating from the cells of hair follicles. They typically present as a slowly enlarging, solitary mass on hair-bearing areas of the head and neck. While a common childhood lesion, pilomatrixomas are unusual in infancy. Our objective is to present an atypical pilomatrixoma located on the midline nasion of an 11-month-old as such a lesion and its management has not been previously described. Methods: Despite preoperative diagnostic imaging, including computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, the diagnosis was not made until examination by pathology after complete surgical excision. We also completed a thorough review of the literature pertaining to pilomatrixomas, which is presented in a concise fashion. Results: Our patient's clinical presentation did not correlate with traditional descriptions in the literature, skewing preoperative diagnosis. However, surgical management was ultima .......