ePlasty: Vol. 11
Long-lasting Relaxation of Corrugator Supercilii Muscle Contraction Induced by Near Infrared Irradiation
Yohei Tanaka, MD, PhD,a,b Kiyoshi Matsuo, MD, PhD,b and Shunsuke Yuzuriha, MD, PhDb

aClinica Tanaka Anti-Aging Center, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0874, Japan; and bDepartment of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Shinshu University School of Medicine, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621, Japan

Correspondence: kmatsuo@shinshu-u.ac.jp

Objective: We previously reported that near infrared (NIR) irradiation weakens frontalis muscle contraction resulting in brow ptosis. In addition, NIR irradiation non-thermally long-lasting thinning of the panniculus carnosus muscle in rats. We sought to determine whether NIR irradiation affects contraction of the corrugator supercilii muscle (CSM). Methods: Three to 5 rounds of NIR irradiation were performed weekly to relax the CSM in 40 patients who had sustained myalgia of the CSM. Each round of irradiation consisted of 10 to 40 doses of NIR irradiation at 28 to 40 J/cm2. We measured changes in the location of the most medial point of the eyebrow rather than evaluation of the glabellar frown line, especially in the 10 unilaterally irradiated patients. We confirmed relief of the CSM myalgia, using a visual analog scale (10 cm in length) in 40 patients. Results: The location of the most medial point of the eyebrow was significantly and durably displaced in the lateral direction when compared with tha .......