ePlasty: Vol. 11
The Use of Growth Factors and Other Humoral Agents to Accelerate and Enhance Burn Wound Healing
Yiu-Hei Ching, MD,a,b Thomas L. Sutton,a Yvonne N. Pierpont, MD,a,b Martin C. Robson, MD,b and Wyatt G. Payne, MDa,b

aInstitute for Tissue Regeneration, Repair, & Rehabilitation Bay Pines VA Health Care System, Bay Pines, FL; and bDivision of Plastic Surgery University of South Florida, Tampa.

Correspondence: wyatt.payne@va.gov

Objective: Certain cytokines, especially those known as growth factors, have been demonstrated to mediate or modulate burn wound healing. Experimental and clinical evidence suggests that there are therapeutic advantages to the wound healing process when these agents are utilized. Positive effects have been reported for 4 types of wounds seen in the burn patient: partial-thickness wounds, full-thickness wounds, interstices of meshed skin grafts, and skin graft donor sites. Methods: A comprehensive literature search was performed using the MEDLINE, Ovid, and Web of Science databases to identify pertinent articles regarding growth factors and other cytokines in burns and wound healing. Results: The current knowledge about cytokine growth factors and their potential therapeutic applications in burn wound healing are discussed and reviewed. Conclusions: Platelet-derived growth factor, fibroblast growth factors, epidermal growth  .......