ePlasty: Vol. 11
Comparison of Peritoneal Adhesion Formation in Bowel Retraction by Cotton Towels Versus the Silicone Lap Pak Device in a Rabbit Model
Brian G. Liu, BS,a Dawn S. Ruben, DVM,b Wolfgang Renz, MD,c Antonio Santillan, MD,d MBA, Steven J. Kubisen, PhD,e and John W. Harmon, MDf

aJohns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; bJohns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD; cMcGill University, Montreal, Canada; dCancer Care Centers of South Texas, San Antonio, TX; eSeguro Surgical, Columbia, MD; and fJohns Hopkins University, Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD.

Correspondence: jharmon@jhmi.edu

Objective: Manipulation of cotton operating room towels within the abdominal cavity in open abdominal surgery has been associated with the formation of peritoneal adhesions. In a rabbit model, the use of standard cotton operating room towels is compared to the Lap Pak, a silicone bowel-packing device, to determine the potential for reducing the risk of adhesions. Methods: Thirty rabbits were randomly assigned to 3 groups. The rabbits underwent a sham surgery with incision only (n = 10), placement of operating room towels (n = 10), or placement of a Lap Pak (n = 10). After 14 days, the rabbits were sacrificed and the peritoneal cavity explored for adhesions. The number, tenacity, ease o .......