ePlasty: Vol. 11
eConsultation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
M. J. Trovato,a A. J. Scholer,b E. Vallejo,b G. M. Buncke,c and M. S. Granickb

aDepartment of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas–Southwestern, Dallas; bDivision of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, New Jersey Medical School–UMDNJ, Newark; and cBuncke Clinic, San Francisco, CA.

Correspondence: Matthew.Trovato@UTSouthwestern.edu

Objective: Early studies of plastic surgery patient triage using telemedicine are descriptive and deal with feasibility rather than accuracy. The inpatient study arm compares on-site wound-evaluation accuracy with remotely viewed digital images. The outpatient arm prospectively compares on-site and remote diagnosis, management, and outcomes in a busy, urban, reconstructive-surgery clinic. The concurrent 6 patient case studies illustrate significant systems improvement by using remote consultation. Methods: A total of 43 inpatients and 100 consecutive outpatients were evaluated by on-site and remote surgeons as performed in previous arms with digital-camera and store and forward technology. Consent was obtained from all patients participating. Agreements regarding diagnosis (skin lesion, hand injury, wound type, and scar character) and management (healing problem, emergent evaluation, antibiotics, and hospitalization) were calculated. Results: In the  .......