ePlasty: Vol. 12
Esthetic Outcomes of ADM-Assisted Expander-Implant Breast Reconstruction
Khang T. Nguyen, BA,a Lauren M. Mioton, BS,b John T. Smetona, BS,a Akhil K. Seth, MD,a and John Y. Kim, MDa,c

aNorthwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Ill; bVanderbilt School of Medicine, Nashville, Tenn; and cDivision of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill

Correspondence: jokim@nmh.org

Objective: Adjunct acellular dermal matrices (ADM) are thought to improve esthetic outcomes of breast reconstruction but the existing evidence is largely anecdotal. In this study, we provide comparative data on esthetic outcomes of expander-implant breast reconstruction with and without ADM. Methods: Chart review was performed on a consecutive series of expander-implant reconstructions by the senior author. Demographic, oncologic, surgical, and photographic data were obtained for each patient. Photographic data were scored using a 3-point (0-1-2) breast-specific esthetic scale by 3 blinded, independent reviewers not involved in patient care. Results: ADM-assisted breast reconstructions had significantly higher scores than the non-ADM reconstructions for breast mound volume (1.38 vs 1.11; P = .0102), breast mound placement (1.57 vs 1.39; P = .0217), and the inframammary fold (1.39 vs 1.23; P = .0458). Conclu .......