ePlasty: Vol. 14
Digital Store and Forward Imaging as a Quality Assessment Tool for Emergency Plastic Surgery Consultations
Ian C. Hoppe, MD,a Yoomie Lee, BA,a Mark S. Granick, MD,a and Sandra S. Scott, MDb

aDivision of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ; and bDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ

Correspondence: mgranickmd@rutgers.edu
Keywords: telemedicine, referral and consultation, surgery, plastic, emergency medicine, patient care

Introduction: Plastic surgery is a frequently consulted service in most emergency departments (EDs). The inclusion of a digital image with a plastic surgery consultation would allow the consultant to immediately assess the severity of the condition and either provide instruction to ED staff if minor or mobilize resources to facilitate operative management if more severe. Methods: During a 4-month period, all plastic surgery consultations that were seen in person by one of 4 senior plastic surgery residents were included. In addition, an examination of all consultations seen during that time period at the plastic surgery clinic was undertaken to determine the quality of preclinic management. Results: During the study period, 78 ED consultations were performed by the .......