ePlasty: Vol. 14
Postoperative Mobilization Regimens Following Digital Nerve Repair: A Systematic Review
Shehab Jabir, MBBS, and Fortune C. Iwuagwu, FRCS Plast

St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Correspondence: shihab.jabir@googlemail.com
Keywords: digital nerves, mobilization, regimen, repair, systematic review

Introduction: Currently there is a multiplicity of postoperative mobility-based rehabilitation protocols following isolated digital nerve repair. The regime chosen appears to be dependent on the preference of the surgeon and unit rather than being evidence based. We aim to systematically review the current evidence to provide an insight toward formulating guidelines for best practice. Methods: The study was carried out in accordance to the PRISMA statement for systematic reviews. Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Google Scholar, and Cochrane databases were searched from inception to June 2013. Key search terms used were as follows: “digital nerve,” “rehabilitation,” “mobilization/mobilization,” “immobilization/immobilization,” “splinting,” “non-splinting,” “brace,” “repair,” and “coaptation.” Results: Four studies met the inclusion criteria and compared 2 of 3 regimens: complete immobilization, protected mobilization, and free mobilization. The primary outcome measured sensibility via 2-point di .......