ePlasty: Vol. 14
Comparative Host Response of 2 Human Acellular Dermal Matrices in a Primate Implant Model
Maryellen Sandor, PhD,a Devinder Singh, MD,b Ronald P. Silverman, MD,b Hui Xu, MD, PhD,a and Patrick G. De Deyne, MPT, PhDa

aLifeCell Corporation, Bridgewater, NJ; and bUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine, Division of Plastic Surgery, Baltimore, MD

Correspondence: msandor@lifecell.com
Keywords: acellular dermal matrix, AlloDerm, animals, breast implants, foreign-body reaction, tissue expanders

Objective: We examined the differences in capsule formation between 2 commercially available human acellular dermal matrices in a nonhuman primate model. Methods: Primates were implanted dorsally with a subcutaneously placed tissue expander and randomized into 3 groups, receiving skin coverage only, coverage with non-irradiated freeze-dried human acellular dermal matrix, or coverage with gamma-irradiated human acellular dermal matrix. After 9 weeks, soft tissue around the tissue expander was excised and evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively to assess extent of inflammation (CD68 antibodies and interleukin-6 levels), degradation and fibrosis (matrix metalloproteinase-1 and procollagen-1 staining), and mechanical (tensile) strength. Results: Histological evaluation of tissue arou .......