ePlasty: Vol. 14
Debulking Surgery for Elephantiasis Nostras With Large Ectatic Podoplanin-Negative Lymphatic Vessels in Patients With Lipo-Lymphedema
Uwe Wollina, MD,a Birgit Heinig, Dipl-Med,b Jaqueline Schönlebe, MD,c and Andreas Nowak, MDd

aDepartment of Dermatology and Allergology; bDepartment of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Medicine; cInstitute of Pathology “Georg Schmorl,”; and dDepartment of Anesthesiology and Intensive Medical Care, Emergency Medicine and Pain Management, Academic Teaching Hospital Dresden-Friedrichstadt, Dresden, Germany

Correspondence: wollina-uw@khdf.de
Keywords: lipo-lymphedema, decongestive lymphatic therapy, tumescent liposuction, adjuvant debulking surgery, elephantiasis nostras

Objective: Elephantiasis nostras is a rare complication in advanced lipo-lymphedema. While lipedema can be treated by liposuction and lymphedema by decongestive lymphatic therapy, elephantiasis nostras may need debulking surgery. Methods: We present 2 cases of advanced lipo-lymphedema complicated by elephantiasis nostras. After tumescent microcannular laser-assisted liposuction both patients underwent a debulking surgery with a modification of Auchincloss-Kim's technique. Histologic examination of the tissue specimen was performed. Results: The surgical treatment was well  .......