ePlasty: Vol. 14
Split Hemianterior Tibialis Turndown Muscle Flap for Coverage of Distal Leg Wounds With Preservation of Function
Vinay Gundlapalli, MD,a John W. Gillespie III, MD,b and Chris D. Tzarnas, MD, FACSc

aGeneral Surgery Resident, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa; bGeneral Surgery Resident, Chistiana Hospital, Newark, Del; and cChief of Plastic Surgery, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Correspondence: tzarnas@comcast.net
Keywords: muscle flap, tibialis anterior muscle, lower extremity wound, split muscle, tibialis anterior tendon

Objective: A hemisplit turndown tibialis anterior muscle flap is described for coverage of distal leg wounds with preservation of active extensor function for open wounds of the distal ankle is presented. This is a new flap not previously described and is another local option for coverage of selected distal leg wounds. Methods: A description of the operative procedure and a clinical successful example is presented. Results: The split hemitibialis anterior turndown muscle flap was successful and preserved function of the muscle and tendon. Conclusions: This is another option for coverage of difficult wounds of the lower extremity without sacrifice of function of the donor muscle.

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