ePlasty: Vol. 14
Comparison of Cross-linked and Non–Cross-linked Acellular Porcine Dermal Scaffolds for Long-term Full-Thickness Hernia Repair in a Small Animal Model
Ondrej Mestak, MD,a Zuzana Spurkova, MD,b Kamila Benkova, MD,b Pavel Vesely, MD, PhD,a Veronika Hromadkova, MD,a Jakub Miletin, MD,c Robert Juzek, MD,a Jan Mestak, MD, PhD,a Martin Molitor, MD, PhD,a and Andrej Sukop, MD, PhDc

aDepartment of Plastic Surgery, 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Bulovka Hospital; bDepartment of Pathology, Bulovka Hospital; and cDepartment of Plastic Surgery, 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Srobarova, Prague, Czech Republic.

Correspondence: Mestak@gmail.com
Keywords: extracellular matrix, biologics, biocompatibility, cross-linking, hernia

Background: This study compared the strength of incorporation and biocompatibility of 2 porcine-derived grafts (cross-linked and non–cross-linked) in a rat hernia model. Methods: A standardized 2 × 4 cm2 fascial defect was created in 30 Wistar rats an .......