ePlasty: Vol. 14
The Use of Fetal Bovine Dermal Scaffold (PriMatrix) in the Management of Full-Thickness Hand Burns
Alexis Lanteri Parcells, MD,a Jenika Karcich, BS,a Mark S. Granick, MD,a and Michael A. Marano, MDb

aDivision of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery. Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ; and bThe Burn Center at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Barnabas Health, Livingston, NJ

Correspondence: lanteral@njms.rutgers.edu
Keywords: fetal bovine dermal scaffold, PriMatrix, hand burns, extracellular matrix, full-thickness burns

Objective: Management of full-thickness burn wounds represents a challenge when reconstructive options are not applicable. Fetal bovine dermal matrix is a bioactive collagen scaffold that assimilates into wounds and stimulates vascularization and dermal regeneration. Methods: We present the use of fetal bovine dermal scaffold PriMatrix in the treatment of a patient who sustained scald-immersion full-thickness burns of her bilateral hands that failed conventional wound therapy. Results: A 71-year-old woman with advanced Parkinson's disease sustained self-induced 5% mixed second- and third-degree scald-immersion burns of her bilateral hands and fingers. The patient underwent extensive debridement that resulted in partially avascular wounds measuring 66 cm2 and 7 .......