ePlasty: Vol. 14
Lower Lip Suspension With Gore-Tex Suture: Technique and Literature Review
John Paul Tutela, MD, Jared Davis, MD, Matthew Zeiderman, BA, Sharooz Sean Kelishadi, MD, and Bradon Wilhelmi, MD

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Ky

Correspondence: johnpaultutela@gmail.com
Keywords: oral incompetence, lip suspension, free-flap reconstruction, Gore-Tex suture, oral carcinoma

Objective: Oral incompetence is a problem frequently experienced after free-flap reconstruction of the oral cavity for patients with oral carcinoma. We describe an interesting treatment modality to deal with this pathology. Methods: A 60-year-old woman diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of her oral floor was treated with chemoradiation with complete response, and after suffering recurrence underwent composite mandibulectomy via visor flap and immediate fibular free flap reconstruction. Postoperatively, she was treated with adjuvant chemoradiation and developed oral incompetence months afterward. We performed lower lip suspension with Gore-Tex (Gore – Flagstaff, Arizona) suture with good functional and aesthetic outcome. Results: As of 9 months postoperatively, oral competence was achieved with good functional and aesthetic outcome. Conclusions: This approach is a viable, simple means of restor .......